We dogs have all kinds of tricks and tactics up our sleeves to get treats, extra cuddle time, a trip to the park, or whatever else we want from you humans.

But perhaps our most powerful dog trick is the dance. Seriously, is there anything you wouldn’t do for a dancing dog?

If you think you’re immune, we dare you to watch these 10 incredible dancing dogs and see if you could resist them.

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1. The Poodle Salsa


If this French poodle performs this happy dance every time she wants a treat,  we’re amazed she’s not 400 pounds by now.


2. The Corgi Butt Shake

Unlike the poodle’s dance, this move seems easy enough for anyone to do. But to pull it off with that kind of body rhythm takes a pro. Clearly, this pup knows how to shake that booty!


3. The Chihuahua Salsa

The poodle salsa is cute, but how does it compare to this epic performance from this chihuahua? It’s a bit like comparing Cuban salsa to Puerto Rican salsa. Both are beautiful to watch, but there are subtle differences. Watch the chihuahua’s fancy paw kicks and waves, the twisting torso, the way the head stays in position… it’s so gratifying to see a virtuoso in action!


4. The Pug… Okay That’s Just Creepy

We’re not sure what’s happening here, but we don’t know any pugs who move like that… ourselves included. This is one sexy dance that we don’t recommend trying at home!


5. The Electric “Please Let Me In” Slide

Come on, sing it with us:

“You gotta know it
It’s electric,
Boogie woogie, woogie!
Now you can’t hold it,
It’s electric!”

6. The Food Dance

This dog displays picture-perfect form when it comes to one of the most basic reasons why we get up on our hind legs like you humans do and perform for you. We want food. Please give us food. Look at what we’re prepared to do for food!


7. A Foxy Fox Trot

So what if the hat and bow tie are fake? That is still one dapper dog doing a Fantastic Mr. Fox trot!


8. The Celebrity Assisted Dance

Look, not every dog is born with natural rhythm and grace. And just like our humans, some pooches are a bit shy when it’s time to step out onto the dance floor. Luckily there are philanthropic celebrities like Ryan Gosling to help out dogs in need of a dance.


9. The “Let Me In” Dance, Part 2

Hmm. Maybe we were wrong. Maybe the #1 reason dogs dance isn’t food after all… they just want back in the house!


10. And Back to Poodle

Wow, do poodles have this dancing dog thing covered or what! Look at the style and grace with which this dog moves. We’re impressed. And a little jealous.