Dogs are pack animals, so that means they love to hang out where we do. They love being by our side so much, dogs often sleep in the bed with us. If you’ve got a dog who doesn’t know the meaning of ‘personal space,’ you aren’t alone.

Here are 10 dogs who truly, madly, deeply and without apology, do not care that they are total bed hogs:

1) Sharing is caring, and these dogs are grateful for this chic bed with a canopy. Sorry, no room for humans. 


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2) How about a few blankets for me and the cat?



3) “These sheets are two weeks old. You might want to think about changing them.”



4) Three dog night.



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5) Legs are like beds, also for sharing.



6) The interlocking leg technique prevents the human from getting too much bed space.



7) Oh hai, there’s room for you down the bottom.



8) Why is it the smallest dogs take up the most room?



9) The more the merrier. How many dogs do you see?



10) When you weren’t expecting your parents home so soon.


Feature photo: stevenbriceland/Instagram