To the men and women who serve in our military, sacrificing their lives and the comforts of home to do their duty for their country, we salute you and honor you.

And clearly, we’re not the only ones. You need only look at the heart-melting reactions of these 10 dogs when they welcome home their military mom or dad to know just how much these men and women leave behind when they depart for distant shores and potential perils. And we, along with your lovable, over-the-moon excited pooches, are sure glad you’re back.

1. Emmitt Thunderpaws (what a fantastic name) is so happy to see his Dad that he decides to go ballroom dancing with him. And we’re pretty sure he’s leading.

2. Fetch ball. Bring back. Find Dad. Go bonkers. Never forget that ball in mouth remains top priority. Epic.

3. This airport reunion includes a masterful bout of happy whimpering as Molly welcomes Mom home with everything she’s got… including a homemade poster.

4. Chuck’s been through this before, so we can understand why he goes nuts as soon as he sees his Dad. Looks like a pair of sunglasses were the only casualties of this reunion.

5. I love the “Shut-the-front-door” look these guys give the camera before they absolutely bolt for the backyard, where their Dad is waiting for them. Just goes to show that two months, in dog years, is a whole lot of time apart from a loved one.

6. Gracie barks, whines, jumps, and then uses her Dad as a Jungle Gym after he returns from a tour of duty in Kandahar.

7. What’s black and brown and makes a noise like a seal that’s gone bananas? These two adorable Daschunds who can’t seem to get over Dad coming home. And by the way, Soldier, your reaction? Priceless.

8. At some point during this happy reunion, Daisy gets a little disoriented, runs in a completely irrelevant direction, realizes her mistake, then runs back. Our favorite moment of the video.

9. Here’s a shout-out to servicemen around the world who leave their loved ones behind to do their duty. Your dogs don’t care what language you speak or what flag you salute… they just want you to come home.

10. And finally, ladies and gentleman, here’s the Steven Spielberg version of dog reunion home movies. It’s all about building up to the moment. And if you can’t take the suspense, skip to around 2:24 of the video, when Cotton’s tail tells us it’s time to start celebrating.