Sadly, we all have to grow up. There comes a time to adult and we can’t really blow it off for too long. 😰 But when it comes to our kids, we prefer to hang on to their childhood AND their puppyhood as long as possible! That’s right! Our pups are our PUPPIES forever. They may grow bigger, they may learn more– but on the inside, they’re just (our) big babies.


Here are 10 photos that prove our dogs never truly grow up (and that’s just the way we like it!) ❤️

“My friend’s dogs think they are going to the vet when in reality they are headed to the park.”

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Luckily, these two are NOT going to the vet, but they aren’t taking any chances. The vet’s office can be a scary place with all those (rectal!) thermometers and needles but it’s a necessary part of a healthy dog’s life. Park time, well that’s different. Park Time = Happy Time but I guess these two are bracing for impact just in case!

All dogs want to be held. No matter how big they get!

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Dogs are BIG fans of affection. And it doesn’t change the older they get. Puppies need a lot of comfort as they discover the new world around them. Especially when they get scared. But dogs, well, they need a lot of comfort too. Feeling comfortable equates to feeling safe. Makes sense, right?

“My sister’s dog forgets she is not a puppy sometimes.”

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How many of you have “big” dogs that have no idea they’re big? Yea, me too! Dogs grow into their bodies but their minds don’t always perceive their actual size. Many big dogs still insist on being lap dogs. Others have no concept of how tall they are or if they can fit under the table (my table has been flipped over several times). This pup will not be attempting this maneuver again. Well, at least we don’t think she will. LOL!

“My dog got scared of the fireworks. Cat came over to comfort him”

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Fireworks can be TRAUMATIC for our animals. In fact, more dogs run away from home on the 4th of July than any other time of year. Did you know that? Fireworks are loud to us, imagine how loud they are for our doggos! No matter how old our dogs get, this is a time when their pup-side comes out “fur” sure! If at all possible, try to stay home with your dogs if they are scared of fireworks so you are there to comfort them. Or just make the cat do it.


This dog has no idea how big he is (and it’s adorable!)

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Sometimes our dogs need to be held, REALLY tight! And they don’t really care how much they’ve grown. Whether they’re scared or need reassurance, it’s our job to give them the comfort that they need. This dog needs love and this dog dad is happy to oblige. Even if it means throwing his back out. HAHA!

“He’s done this since he was a puppy”

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For this doggo, being in a tight spot where it smells like his owner is his favorite place to be. Our clothes can bring comfort to our dogs when we’re not around. If your dog has separation anxiety, consider leaving a day-old shirt on your dog’s bed. Your smell may just bring her the extra “hug” she needs when you’re not around. Our dog’s habits also may not change no matter how old they get. If they found a way to cope with certain situations that work for them, these coping mechanisms may just stick around until they’re old and grey and that’s okay with us!

“Once a lap dog, always a lap dog”

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Awwww! Just look at this little one. I mean, she’s not so little anymore but still. She’s his baby forever. Do you have a BIG lap dog too? Did you know some dog breeds were bred to be lap dogs while others were bred for sport or hunting? Still, just because a dog was bred to find game doesn’t mean she won’t prefer her dad’s lap. Smart pup!

He got scared when the fire alarm went off 😭

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Loud sounds seem to be a trigger for a lot of dogs. This poor guy froze up with fear. Good thing dad was there to save the day! It’s hard to be a “big boy” when it’s scary. No fears, big guy, dad doesn’t mind!

“As a puppy he would love to be held like this” ❤️

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Another daddy’s boy! This Husky has no idea he’s not a puppy anymore and would you have the heart to tell him? Me either! If you can physically handle this kind of affection, go for it! There’s no harm in showing your dog that he will forever be your baby!

Time to grow up and guard the house. NOT!

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This scary guard dog would much rather lick potential intruders than growl at them and we are totally supportive of that! In my opinion, dogs are better suited as a family member rather than a guard dog. Do you agree? Why grow up and have grown up responsibilities when you don’t have to?

🐶 Remember to hug your PUPPY extra tight today! 🐶