German Shepherds are the absolute worst. Listed below are 10 reasons you should never even think about adopting and bringing one into your home. Remember, you’ve been warned! 😉

#1 – They REFUSE to help around the house.


#2 – German Shepherds always have a mean look and NEVER smile!



#3 – They will never care for another one of their own.


#4 – You need to watch your vehicle at all times.


#5 – German Shepherds ignore children and never want to play…


#6 – As citizens, we serve on jury duty but for some reason, they get all grumpy about it.


#7 – They’re very difficult to groom…

#8 – They’re never kind to other animals, especially cats:


#9 – They get all up in your business!


#10 – There is no #10 – who are we kidding?

German Shepherds are beautiful dogs! All dogs, all breeds, mixed breeds and rescues. We hope that you enjoyed our Top 10 List.

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