Puppies! All you need to do is say the word and a Pavlovian reaction ensues. Hearts melt into gooey mush, lips part in a child-like smile, and we can’t rest until we’ve gathered said puppy in our arms and hugged them as if they were our first-born.

Finding a cute puppy video isn’t exactly difficult. They’re all over the web. So what made us single these 10 out? Even we couldn’t pinpoint the exact reason, but take a look below and see if you disagree with any of our choices.

1. “I’M ONLY THREE WEEKS OLD! LET ME SLEEP! LET ME oh right there, right there, that’s the spot, oh great here come the others HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO SLEEP WITH YOU SITTING ON MY FACE???” Or something like that.

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2. What is this little guy dreaming about? Whatever it is, nobody seems in any rush to wake it up. And honestly… we don’t really blame them.

3. Sorry, one puppy having a nightmare just isn’t enough. This adorable bulldog is a twitchy mess as he tries to sleep through a very vivid dream.

4. When five puppies fit in the palm of your hand, you’re basically guaranteed an abundance of cuteness. These snowflake-white Malties are a frisky crew, aren’t they?

5. If five is not enough, try 12. Actually, try 12 angry golden retriever puppies. All these little guys wanted was a bath, and they got completely duped. And all they can do is wander about.

6. Cute, thy name is baby Husky. This is the first of a series of videos that chronicles the life of Wolfie, and whether he’s delivering an operatic howl or playing pawsies, we can’t get enough.

7. iPhone, meet iPomeranian… a pomeranian puppy that can fit in your back pocket. Seriously, this little cotton ball with eyes is about pint-sized perfection.

8. It’s as if Ellie was born to be a star. Those soulful looks into the camera are the work of a pro. And pretty much anything she does during this video will melt your heart.

9. A pair of precious pug puppies play in plush carpeting. And then they engaged in a bout of vigorous calisthenics before exploring the coffee table. Too cute.

10. This German shepherd pup has no problem telling off animals much larger than itself… until of course it gets terrified and runs back to Mom.