Like a fine wine, dogs get better with age. Though their muzzles may grey, their hearts just keep giving and sharing love. Puppies might be cute and rambunctious, but these dogs are here to prove that age is simply a number.

Meet 10 senior dogs who are just as cute puppies:

1) Check out this sweetheart whose dad rescued him from a kill shelter. Welcome home, handsome.


2) At 15 years young, Nano the Beagle/Rat Terrier mix is simply irresistible.


3) Ready to rock his next road trip, Buster has wheel appeal.


4) Is this the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen? Aggie says age is just a number.


5) If you’ve got it flaunt, isn’t that right Tookers?


6) Two times the cuteness means two times the love from Crutch and his pal.


7) Oh hai, it’s 12-year-old Cookie trying to break the Internet.


8) Meet Lola, ruler of the selfie.


9) Clyde’s spent a lot of time perfecting his loving gaze.


10) Tilly has claimed the couch as her own. Rock on, sweetheart!

Feature photo: MissOcha/Imgur