Somehow, somewhere somebody created myths about dogs that are just plain wrong. Someone starts the myth and thanks to social media, it spreads like wildfire. Dogs need us to be their voices, so we’re taking a stand to share some helpful info with dog owners everywhere!

Here are 10 myths about dogs that people need to stop believing:

1) Dogs Should Eat The Same Food, Day In And Day Out.

If you ate the same food day in, day out, morning and night, you’d get bored pretty fast. Dogs are the same way. Rotating proteins and knowing what your dog likes and can tolerate on their tummies makes for a happier dog, and in the long run, a healthier one. We recommend consulting your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet.

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2) Rescuing A Shelter Dog Is A Bad Idea Due To An Unknown History.

All dogs come with a story, and shelter dogs are no different. In most cases, a dog just needs someone to show him love, care, positive reinforcement, and kindness. Shelter dogs need us more than ever.

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3) Dogs Don’t Need Their Teeth Brushed.

Dogs need oral care. You can slowly train a dog to accept, and even enjoy, teeth brushing. Eating kibble and expecting it to clean a dog’s teeth is the equivalent to eating hard pretzels and expecting them to keep a human’s teeth clean. There are dental chews that help but vets recommend a good brushing in between as well.

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4) Shaving A Dog’s Fur Will Keep Him Cooler.

Taking a dog’s fur coat off in the warmer months takes away their “temperature control.” Pets are also at risk for sunburn, so leaving too little fur can actually make them susceptible to harmful UV rays. Have a professional groom your dog and consider a shorter cut without getting too close to the skin.

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5) One Human Year Equals Seven Dog Years.

This is one of the oldest myths about dogs. While dogs mature faster than humans, their breed and size dictate how they age past year one. In general, dogs weighing 20 pounds and under tend to have a longer adult life, minus any major health issues. Bigger dogs, such as a Great Dane, have a life expectancy of 7 to 10 years. So how old is your dog? Some say to take your dog’s age, subtract two, multiply that number by four and then add 21.

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6) A Dry Nose Means The Dog Is Sick.

A dry nose is just that: simply dry. Healthy dogs can have a warm dry nose, and really sick dogs can have a cold, wet nose. Dogs lick their noses to moisten them, and the moisture actually helps with scent intensity and smell direction. Pretty cool, right?

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7) You Must Dominant Your Dog As Alpha Leader.

Saying you are alpha over your dog is so OG. Being a kind, gentle pet parent is in. Trying to dominate your dog into fear and submission is out. Dogs are not wolves. Wolves are a different species. Your dog should have good behavior skills, but not because he fears you.

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8) A Wagging Tail Means The Dog Is Friendly.

Sometimes a wagging tail means a dog is super excited to see you. The position of a tail tells a story, so watch for things like a vertical tail. That dog is likely saying, “Hey back off.” It may also be accompanied with bare teeth or a hunched position. Just like there are tones to a bark for different reasons, sometimes a wag does not mean happiness.

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9) Indoor Dogs Can’t Get Fleas.

If anyone in your residence goes outside, and that includes the dog, they are susceptible to fleas. Fleas love to find a host on which to thrive, and dogs are perfect targets. Fleas live on pets, so they want to hitch a free ride whether those pets remain mostly indoors or not. A clean house doesn’t prevent fleas either.

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10) Your Dog Does Naughty Things To Get Even With You.

Of the many emotions of a dog, revenge is not one of them. Revenge is a human quality. Dogs love you and adore you. They don’t purposely plot to make you angry or upset. Let’s say you go to work, return home, and your dog chewed on a favorite slipper. A dog would not purposely pick your shoe to chew on, wait for you all day and then hope you get mad when you see the damage done. Revenge is for humans. Dogs are all about love.

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Feature photo: Mike Sikkema/Flickr