When you think about it, the world of dog toys has grown in leaps and bounds (pun intended) over the last few years. It wasn’t long ago that we had to work with were sticks, tennis balls and frisbees? Now? Well, ok we still love all  of those, but we have sooo many more options! From tennis balls disguised as chew toys to complex puzzles that contain hidden treats to … ummm… this stuff (seriously? We are blushing so much right now. Or at least we would be if we knew how to blush).

Ignoring that last category, here are 10 types of toys for dogs we love… and we’re pretty sure most dogs would agree with us:

1. Ropes


Photo by m01229 / CC BY

These are perfect for tugging and worrying and wrestling with, but don’t forget to pull SIDEWAYS so you don’t break your dog’s neck!


2. Balls


Photo by Edwin Dalorzo / CC BY

OMG there are so many to choose from! Bouncy balls and chewy balls and fast fast balls, but bouncy balls are definitely THE BEST.


3. Squeaky Toys


Photo by sally9258 / CC BY

Sure, you probably hate them and their infernal squeaking, but when a dog likes a squeaky toy, they’re ALWAYS gonna go for that one above any other!


4. Stuffed Animals


Photo by paul stumpr / CC BY

These are a touchy subject. Some dogs love them to death while others just love to give them death by eating their organs (the fluffy stuff inside the toys), and that could be VERY DANGEROUS for your dog. Proceed with caution, but if your dog likes its stuffed animal, it will be a friend for life.


5. Chew Toys


Photo by Ryan Carr / CC BY

These are almost indestructible. Almost. As soon as your dog bites through it, get rid of it, as he or she can eat the tiny rubber pieces. And nobody wants that.


6. Bones


Photo by Jack Fiallos / CC BY

These are more like temporary toys because they’re edible. Instant gratification always works!


7. Food Dispensers

Monster Mouth

Photo by David Huang / CC BY

These are awesome because they have a delicious SURPRISE inside them, but they also stink because your dog knows there’s a surprise but can’t get to it! Yet!


8. Sticks


Photo by rbennett661 / CC BY

These are only and exclusively available at parks. And forests. And areas that have trees. But they’re more fun at parks, when they can be shared with fellow park friends.


9. Fetching Toys


Photo by Jack Marion / CC BY

Well, technically, you can throw anything and your dog will probably try to go get it, but some toys are specifically made for this purpose. And all dogs love ’em… until that baffling moment when you throw it and the dog just looks at you with that face that says, “I’m not getting that. You go get it.”

10. Anything Your Dog Can Sink Their Teeth Into


Photo by David J Morgan / CC BY

This can include anything from harmless bubbles to human hands to things that most definitely are NOT toys, and are NOT safe! But let’s be serious, we’re still gonna enjoy them.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your dog while he or she is playing, especially with new toys!

Which toy does your dog prefer?