Some dogs dress to impress, and then there’s this crew. Although they look totally adorable in their apparel, the looks on their faces say otherwise.

Here are 12 dogs who are super annoyed and totally over wearing clothes. Beware!



1) Now I can’t smell like wet dog.


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I’m just waiting for the day we see @loki_the_ebt in galoshes! #rainraingoaway

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2) Please tell the cat to stop laughing at me. 


3) Do I amuse you?


4) Even the squirrels are mocking me in this vest.


5) You better sleep with one eye open.


6) Wolf in sheep’s clothing, haha real funny.


7) Ho Ho…No!


8) Hat’s off to this one, just put it back in the drawer where it belongs.


9) If you look up “no” in the dictionary, you’ll likely see this photo.


10) Perfectly annoyed is more like it. 


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What a coincidence🙂🙃🙂 Perfect Me Dog Tee~ #clubhuey #shopsmall

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Feature image: Robin/Flickr