Dogs have no idea how much they make us laugh. While some people scroll through their Twitter feed for the latest news and politics, we much prefer Twitter for silly dogs. If you need a break from reality, these pooches are sure to make you laugh.

Here are 10 of the silliest dogs on Twitter right now:

1) Are those his owner’s dentures he found?


2) Raise your paw and shout hallejuah if you’re a goofball


3) Cutest Ringbearer EVER


4) When life gives you lemons, run far far away from them!


5) Sleeping with Dad must be earned, Buddy.


6) Stuffed animals are completely overrated. Meet Count Fangula.


7) One last snow angel before it all melts away.


8) It looked so easy when the cat did it.


9) I’m sexy and I know it.


10) When your owner says not to pee on the floor.

Feature photo: @WeLoveDogsUSA/Twitter