#9 Giving Your Dog People Food

Most foods we eat are no good for Fido. They often contain too much salt and too much fat. People food can also be toxic to your dog, like certain nuts and fruits.

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Some human food can also contain xylitol which can be extremely toxic to your pet. Xylitol is hidden in a lot of human foods, including peanut butter. And we all know how much dogs love peanut butter. You should always check the food’s ingredients thoroughly before introducing it into your dog’s diet.

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#8 Bringing Your Puppy To A Dog Park

Your young pup, while totally adorable, lacks proper manners. Adult dogs don’t always respond well to a puppy’s playful personality and can lash out. This can instill permanent fear in your puppy that he or she may never grow out of.

An adult dog can also accidentally hurt your puppy just by playing. Puppies are smaller and not (yet) as strong as an adult dog. You wouldn’t want your baby to get hurt, right?

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Additionally, adult dogs can be carriers of certain diseases. Many pups are not finished being vaccinated, so they haven’t developed the appropriate antibodies yet. Being exposed to what healthy adult dogs may commonly carry can cause serious illness.

It’s best to wait until your puppy is older before bringing her to a dog park.


#7 Physically Punishing Your Pooch

Teaching your pup not to potty in the house by smacking him with a rolled-up newspaper is an absolute NO-NO! Using any type of physical punishment is cruel and abusive.

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Dogs learn best using the reward method. They need positive reinforcement and gentle guidance. Why would you want your dog to be afraid of you?

Training your pup is the best way for your dog to learn how to behave. This can be accomplished in a healthy way by registering your dog in obedience school or having a trainer come to your home. Many training programs are actually affordable, people just assume that they’re not.