#3 Skipping Flea/Tick/De-W0rming Treatment

Keeping up with your dog’s health always includes keeping up with flea/tick/de-worming treatment. Tick bites can cause a host of serious problems and diseases for your pup. Flea bites can lead to anemia amongst other things and heartworm can be fatal!

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Also, keeping up with this treatment in the wintertime is imperative unless your veterinarian says otherwise!


#2 Leaving Objects Around That Can Hurt Your Dog

Your home should be dog-proofed. It’s unlikely you can keep an eye on your dog every second, so leaving things around that can harm them is just NOT OKAY! Things like exposed wiring, small objects they can choke on, food that can be toxic, medications etc. is a giant NO-NO!

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Your home is also your dog’s home and should always be a safe place, no matter what! If you are unsure if your dog will be safe, consider using a crate or gating them in a specific room. This is only for a temporary amount of time and should never be used as punishment.


#1 Neglecting Health Issues That Are Breed Specific

This can include routine grooming if your dog has hair that grows quickly and needs to be brushed and/or cut regularly. Breed-specific issues can also include health issues.

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Certain breeds can be prone to things like dental problems, certain types of cancers, and hip dysplasia. Make sure your dog is regularly screened by his veterinarian for these issues. This will ensure a longer, healthier life for your dog.

Remember, a healthy pet is a happy pet! Learn more informative info by watching Bright Side’s paw-some video below!