Dog clothes can be functional and fun, but sometimes it’s hard for a pooch to understand that. It’s trendy and smart to put sweaters on dogs when it’s cold out or a slicker when it’s rainy. Dog fashion is all the rage and this is no passing fad. Try telling that to this pack of pooches.

We found 15 dogs in clothes who are plotting to get even with their owners.



1) We really hope his owner sleeps with one eye open tonight because payback is in order.



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2) We don’t even like this team, Dad.



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#evertonfc #efc #dogsinclothesarefunny #dogsinfootballshirts #goodisonpark

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3) Much to learn you still have human. 



4) Hey look, I’m a cop and I’m arresting you for disturbing my peace.



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ahhhh, an oldie but goodie, #NationalDressUpYourPetDay: POLICE SCOOTER!!! #BeOn5 #police #policecanine #dogcop #cops

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5) You realize you’re getting coal in your stocking, right?



6) Winter sucks but so does how I feel in these hats, Karen.


7) My humans went to Switzerland and all I got was this embarrassing sweater and scarf set.



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They said a new suit would cheer me up …

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8) I’d rather smell like wet dog.



9) First the human goes on vacation, then she returns and puts this on me. #ModernDogProblems



10) A penny for my thoughts. Spoiler alert: It’s not pleasant.



11) First the bath and now this?



12) Changing the CH to a K in my mind.



13) Hey Captain Obvious, you put balloons on my paws.



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He definitely didn’t want to go for a walk! #dogsofinstagram #poodlelover #unhappydog

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14) At least we know Grandpa’s old socks have been put to good use.


15) You realize if I fall over, I’ll never be able to get up.



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I look silly with this outfit on. #cockapoosofinstagram, #dogofinstagram, #unhappydog,

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Feature Photo: PictureTakingOne/Flickr