An unmarked wooden box with several crude holes arrived at an airport without proper labeling. The airport employees put the box aside and went about their business. Because it didn’t have proper tags, it would sit among other items with the same issue. The box was approximately 16 inches high and it only had a note that it was to be shipped to Syria.

With its improper labeling, the box sat in a holding room for an entire week. Finally, the airport employees received legal confirmation that they could open the box and inspect the contents. What they found nearly knocked them off their feet!

Source: Animals Lebanon/Facebook

Inside the box were three Siberian tiger kittens. No one was sure how they were still alive. But all three clung onto life despite having no food or water for a week! “Nothing indicated that the box contained tigers or even live animals, and there were no details of a shipper or receiver,” the animal rights group Animals Lebanon wrote on Facebook.

The three male kittens had been on a flight from the Ukraine and were supposed to be sold to a zoo in Syria. Animals Lebanon insisted that the tigers be transferred to them. A judge agreed. “Their paw pads were raw and red from being covered in urine, and were their back legs and thighs,” Animals Lebanon added on Facebook.

The Siberian tigers were in horrible shape. The endangered species are highly sought after in the black market. People wanting to make money off their illegal sales may not take the animals’ well-being into account.

“They are improving – but they are still at risk! Big cats can be worth tens of thousands of dollars on the black market. The owner is fighting to get them back, and we are fighting for the tigers and rule of law,” Animals Lebanon explained on Facebook.

The zoo fought the rescue group for the tigers’ return. Thankfully a judge again ruled in the favor of the rescue group and all three tigers will remain with them. “Thank you for all the help to make this possible. So many people did more than enough to do the right thing and to prevent the tigers from ending up on the black market!” Animals Lebanon writes on Facebook.

The tigers are thriving in their new habitat. We are so grateful they were found in the nick of time! To see their rescue, check out the video below.

Every dog thinks the world of their humans, but different breeds use different modes to express their love. So while some dog breeds prefer being a quiet, stoic and faithful companion, others literally look forward to drowning their owners in big hugs and slobbery kisses! Following is a list of the top 10 “extra-affectionate” dog breeds who never shy away from grand gestures of love:

Source: jia3ep/Pixabay 

1. Golden Retriever

Blessed with amiable temperaments and bright smiles, Golden Retrievers are one of the most affectionate dog breeds. They are fun to be with and often share great bonds with the kids in their homes. From warm hugs and cuddles to relaxing belly rubs – Golden Retrievers love it all!


Source: Seaq68/Pixabay


2. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are in a perpetually good mood if they get a good dose of snuggling every now and then. These cuties are rarely aggressive and are also very welcoming to strangers. Their receptivity to training, along with their sweet and polite demeanor makes them excellent family dogs!


3. English Bulldog

English Bulldogs are adored due to their wrinkly faces and extroverted behavior. They are extremely easygoing and are also quite tolerant of children. To sum it up, English Bulldogs are well-mannered, people pleasing snugglers who barely ever get into trouble!



4. Dalmatian

Dalmatians are motivated by an inherent desire to make their humans happy. These elegant spotty beauties don’t bond easily, but are fiercely devoted to their humans once they come to trust them whole-heartedly. Mind you, Dalmatian hugs are known to be very deep!


5. Dachshund

Dachshunds are often seen as “stubborn” or “tenacious” dogs, but they are fiercely loyal when it comes to their humans. Dachshunds are basically “stalker dogs” who stay by their owners through thick and thin. Their comforting presence is no joke!


6. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are praised for their physical and mental skills as working dogs. But at their core, they are just noble and gentle dogs who love the company of kids. German Shepherds are  super protective and loyal to a fault, which is why they are such universally loved dogs!


7. Pug

Another breed with trademark wrinkly cuteness, Pugs are notoriously referred to as “minions” who follow their owners around all day! Pugs are very committed to their humans and they actively seek to reinforce their affections through belly rubs and ear tickles. It’s just an added bonus that Pugs also happen to be great comedians!


8. Yorkshire Terrier

Despite being miniscule dogs, Yorkies are known for their spunky outlook and generously affectionate tendencies. They are essentially people-oriented dogs who are particularly skilled in comforting a troubled human. This is one of the reasons why they are such sought-after therapy dogs!


9. Boxer

Many people only see Boxers as rambunctious dogs who always need exercise. But Boxer owners know that these dogs barely understand the meaning of personal space! They don’t mind turning into lap dogs and also adore being responsible doggie siblings to kids!


10. Mixed Breed Dogs

While every breed has their own unique charm, mixed breed dogs are undoubtedly one of the most affectionate dogs we know. Most hybrid dogs come from a shelter situation, and this makes them eternally grateful toward the family who adopts them. So go ahead and give that shelter dog a chance!

We hope you enjoyed this list as much as we did! At the end of the day, a dog’s behavior is purely an extrapolation of how they get treated by their humans! Let us know in the comments if your dog made it into this list!

Click the video below to watch this detailed list outlining the 10 most extra-affectionate dog breeds in the world!

He is mostly uncovered and this is NOT OKAY with his doggy sibling. His pup walks over and with her snout, she nudges the couch and blanket until “her” baby is warm and snuggly.


This type of nurturing is expected from a parent but to see this from the family dog is so unexpected and sweet. Especially because the dog lacks the digits to do most tasks, yet has figured out how to accomplish something so darn adorable— and is taking care of the tiny baby she already adores.


I promise you, watching this will be the sweetest 32 seconds of your day! And don’t forget to share this with family and friends. Keeping it to yourself would just be wrong a little selfish, sorry.

Mom Worries When Entranced Dog Won’t Break His Stare At Same Spot Everyday:

Loyalty is a trait most dogs willingly exhibit to the humans they love. Ask any dog-parent and they will tell you countless stories where their dog remained true despite time, challenges, and even changes in family members.

In this heartwarming story, that is truly quite simple, a loving and loyal dog waits for his human brother to come home from school. It’s not an extraordinary thing, really. But as you watch the video, and really look into the dog’s eyes as he stares out the window while he eagerly anticipates the bus’s arrival, you can see the genuine intensity of this dog’s love.

His stare is trancelike for good reason, this is the moment he waits for every day once his favorite boy leaves home in the early hours.

Dogs can sense time of day and are usually pretty accurate when it comes to a consistent routine. Once the sun hits a certain point, or a dog can sense enough time has passed, he or she will then take notice and get ready to respond appropriately.

However, this story isn’t about routine as much as it’s about love. We often wonder how anyone’s life can be totally full without a dog. Can they undoubtedly say they’ve experienced unconditional love in its truest form if they’ve never had a dog before?

We would argue no. If someone doesn’t agree, send them this story and we bet their minds will change. If you want to see what love looks like and what happens once that door opens, click play on the video below!


Couple Adopts Dog Without Meeting Them First & Then A Rescue Truck Pulls Up & Trailer Door Opened:

Many dogs are placed in high-kill shelters every day with little hope for adoption, so Tracy Whyatt stepped in and decided to do something to help. Tracy followed her passion for saving unloved dogs and started a company called Tracy’s Dogs.

Tracy and her husband, Scott, load up dogs from overcrowded kill shelters into a 32-foot trailer and drive them to other states to find them forever homes. They’ve partnered up with PetSmart as a meeting place for the dogs and their new owners.


As you can imagine, the moment the owners see their new dogs for the first time is beautiful and emotional. Everyone gathers around the trailer as the door swings open, and the tears begin to flow. Welcome to your new lives, pups! 🙂


Since starting their company in 2011, Tracy and Scott have adopted out over 3,700 dogs! If it weren’t for them, most of these dogs would not have survived. They have a wonderful thing going here, and Tracy’s Dogs deserves all the recognition they can get!


 Serviceman Dropped To His Knees When His Parents Aren’t There To Greet Him:


Serving our country is a huge sacrifice. Getting back home safely is a feat in itself.

We are so grateful for all those who serve and realize that their sacrifices are never easy. Thankfully, moments like this one can be shared so civilians can truly understand how much our servicemen and women are missed.

Brent couldn’t wait to get home to his family. Of course, his family was just as eager to see him too. What Brent didn’t know was that he would be greeted, first, by his #1 fan.

Brent’s parents were wanting to hug him first but they knew, deep down, that seeing this special gal, would truly make his welcome home a magical moment. Brent’s parents made arrangements with the airport to allow this to happen. Let’s just say Brent was over the moon!

As Brent walked off the plane and through the terminal with another soldier, he was understandably tired and likely overwhelmed to be on American soil. But it was when he made his way a bit further, that his whole demeanor changed.

He got a glimpse of his parents standing nearby and while his heart swelled to see them there, he was quickly on his knees to greet someone very special. As if the two had been apart for ages, and for his dog, it likely felt that way, she runs over unsure of who he even is.

It takes a matter of two sniffs and then it all comes back to her. DAD! You’re home! Brent’s parents had been happily watching his dog while on deployment but no one can replace your “true human.” Brent’s baby girl is quick to jump up, with tail-wagging, to tell him just how much she missed him.

She even speaks, the sweetest little whimpers, as if she’s saying, “It’s been way too long, Dad. Thank goodness you’re back. Now promise me you’ll never leave again!”

His embrace and his dog’s affection are exactly why we: Never get sick of reunions, LOVE dogs, and will always share stories just like this one to gift you all the feels. Don’t deprive yourself of the feel-good moment that proves that love between dog and human is one of a kind!

Brent, thank you for your service! Welcome home!

Pit Bull Doesn’t Like Her Dad Coming Home Late, Gives Him An Earful:

Pit Bulls often get a bad rap when so many are filled with so much love! Their smiles, floppy ears, and mile-a-minute tails spell out S-W-E-E-T-N-E-S-S not A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-O-N.

Meet Roxy! The sweetest Pit Bull that is all about playtime and cuddles. And her dad!

She’s very disappointed that he’s arrived home late from work. She’s waited all day for him and has been a very patient girl. But still, he’s late and she’s NOT having it!


When Dad asks Roxy about her day, she can’t help but give him an earful. In Doggy, she says:

“Dad, you were gone long enough, why were you late? Why? Why? Why? What’s your excuse and it better be good!”

Then Dad asks the ultimate question: “Roxy, did you miss me?”

In Doggy, “OF COURSE, I did, DAD!!!”

Roxy is the sweetest little daddy’s girl ️ ️ ️


Dogs are pack animals and we are their pack! Long work hours can take its toll on your dog. Consider hiring a dog walker that can come in mid-day to take your dog for some exercise. Dog walkers can also play with your pup and give her some much-needed cuddles.

While we cannot help going to work, we can make their day a bit easier. Have advice? Comment below! We love hearing from you!


Dog Groomer Opens Shop In Middle Of Night To Give Stray Dog Haircut And Found Beauty Beneath Matted Fur:


One night, a couple driving down a highway near Oviedo, Florida, came across a sight that made them stop in their tracks. They saw a dog on the side of the road, wandering about without any clue as to where he was going, and almost running into traffic. They immediately pulled over and went to check on the dog.



They were shocked to see his physical condition. He had severely matted fur which restricted his movement and covered much of his face, which is why he couldn’t see where he was going, and almost ended up being run over. He was barely responsive and looked like he had been abandoned and neglected for much of his life.

The couple just couldn’t leave him there. So they decided to take him in the car with them. But since they were unable to keep him overnight, they put out a desperate plea online – a call which was answered by groomer Kari Falla.



When a dog is matted that badly, it can cause its blood flow to stop as well as bruising to the dog. Seeing the dog in such bad shape, Kari knew she couldn’t wait till the next day to help him.

Kari rushed to her salon, BGE Grooming, in the middle of the night. “I knew it was bad, but nothing prepared me for what I saw. It smelled like death and the dog could not walk,” she said. Kari worked tirelessly till 3 in the morning. She fully shaved him, and estimated that he had been carrying over two years of unchecked fur. She bathed him and took him to her local vet. Meanwhile, they decided to name him Lucky.



The next big surprise came at the vet’s office. Apparently Lucky was both blind and deaf. Add that to his matted fur and bad shape, he was almost certain to end up being road kill before the end of the night, had he not been lucky enough to be spotted by the kind couple.

The vet neutered Lucky and gave him shots and a teeth cleaning. Next step was to find him a forever home. Lucky’s story was posted on Facebook, and it caught the eye of Zachary Blair. He was so moved by the way everyone came together to help Lucky, he couldn’t wait to give him a forever home.

We hope no dog gets left on the road in such conditions. Every dog is precious and deserves a forever home where they’re loved and cared for.

 Dog Seen Outside Of Store With A Sign Around His Neck:

Animal lovers have a lot to say about this story but regardless of what you may think, this is one SMART DOG!

Steve Moore rescued Jackson, a three-year-old Golden Retriever, from the shelter. Jackson needed a home and Moore stepped up to the plate. Moore took Jackson in and began working with him every day. In just a month, Moore had him trained to do something PHENOMENAL! His “trick” had every passerby that saw Jackson, wanting this dog for themselves… a dog NO ONE showed interest in just a month prior.

Moore took Jackson to high traffic, busy areas so he could work with him while getting used to the noises and distractions around him. He had Jackson sit and stay. Then he had him sit and stay for a longer period of time. Then, he had him sit and stay while he walked away from him. He did this repeatedly UNTIL Jackson could be left on his own long enough for Moore to go inside of a store and get his errands done. Since dogs are not allowed in most stores, this was a better alternative to leaving him in a car where he could overheat. Plus, he wouldn’t be tied up, so if an emergency should happen, Jackson could run to safety.


 The final stage was to get him to sit and stay WHILE wearing a sign around his neck. “Dad told me to wait here. Me waiting.” And Jackson is really good at waiting! Even with commotion around him and people walking up to say “hi” and give him pets, Jackson waits, FAITHFULLY for his human to return. Now that’s a GOOD BOY!

Lucky Elderly Man Is Greeted Every Day By A “Friend” Who Crawls Out Of The Ice:

We’ve all seen some unique and unlikely friendships over the years, but this one here may take the cake! One day, a starving otter appeared at an elderly man’s door wanting some food. Ever since, Seppo Laamanen, 65, and Iivari the otter have been inseparable best friends.

It all started when Seppo fed worms and fish to the small and malnourished otter who was clearly looking for food. After that, the friendly animal repaid the kindness by visiting the man at his home in Punkaharju in easter Finland. This was the start of something special.

There’s no way Seppo could’ve ever imagined it’d all lead to this. This adorably unique friendship is one for the ages, and it’s something you have to see to believe. There’s nothing like the bond between two friends regardless of the species! 🙂


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10 Of The “Most Loyal” Dog Breeds On The Planet:

Giving love and support to humans is something that some dogs do better than others. While many dogs love everyone they meet and are willing to take treats or belly rubs from anyone, the pups we found are just the opposite.

These 10 dogs are some of the most loyal breeds on the planet. They are rock steady in their loyalty to their owner no matter what.

1) Akita

When the American Kennel Club (AKC) lists loyalty to describe the temperament of the Akita, you know they mean business. The beautiful double-coated working dog of Japanese ancestry is considered hardwired in protecting those she loves. They should be socialized with other dogs and people from the time they are puppies. Their silly, fun, but dignified personalities round out the loyal Akita.

2) Boxer

This working dog is smart, full of energy, and oh so loyal to their family. They get along great with kids and have an innate instinct to protect their pack. He’s a watchdog with a heart of gold who oozes dedication to his owner.

3) Skye Terrier

Known as the “small dog with the big ears,” this adorable breed hails from the Scottish Isle of Skye, hence the name. Whether you live in the city or the country, this small dog with a big personality is steadfast in snuggling, playtime, and remaining loyal to his owners.

4) Beagle

This merry hound is friendly, curious and incredibly loyal. While he doesn’t mind the occasional couch potato time, this spunky pooch is energetic and merry. A fun fact about this hound: the breed standard is for 13 inches and under and another in the 13-15 inch category. No matter how you size him, these adorable dogs just want to cling to you.

5) Shar-Pei

This wrinkly non-sporting breed is standoffish to strangers but very loyal to his owner. His ancient Chinese roots are part of the charm of the Shar-Pei. Regal, strong, and smart, if you want a BFF for life, this loose-skinned pooch may be the right choice for you.

6) Pug

Originally bred as lapdogs for Chinese emperors, the wrinkly-faced Pug has a laid back and loyal nature. Historically, many famous folks have owned a Pug: Napoleon’s wife, Josephine; Italian designer, Valentino; and Jessica Alba, and Paris Hilton. As if they aren’t adorable enough, a group of Pugs is called a “grumble!”

7) Chihuahua

Sassy and loyal, this pint-sized pooch with the big personality is one of the oldest breeds in the Americas. Their big dog attitude attracts many people but they do require a loving, consistent owner. In return, they are loyal to their tiny core. Preferring to sit in your lap and remain tried and true, don’t forget to walk them, too!

8) Doberman Pinscher

His magnificent stature coupled with his fearless and loyal personality places this working dog on our list. He is smart, noble, and often used as protection. Historically, German taxman and dog breeder, Louis Dobermann, took his dog along on his tax collection rounds. You can imagine how eager folks were to pay up right away.

9) Great Pyrenees

Majestic, strong, smart, and loyal sum up the personality of this magnificent working dog. His coat is thick and his devotion to you is immense. The AKC dubs them “vigilant guardians of home and family.” They are calm yet ready to spring into action if their pack is faced with a threat. Sadly, the breed is more susceptible to bloat than other breeds, so a savvy, loyal owner is required.

10) St. Bernard

Perhaps best known for rescuing stranded travelers in the Swiss Alps, this diehard working breed is also wonderful with kids. He is sweet, sometimes shy, but can be stubborn despite his devotion to you. This known drooler requires an owner who is dedicated to socializing him so that his strong personality is properly channeled. He’ll pay you back with love and loyalty over and over.

Feature Photo: Shell Smith/Flickr

Story: Man’s About To Return Shelter Dog When He Reads Previous Owner’s Note

A man had finally settled into his new town, but something still felt missing from his life. He thought getting a companion in the form of a shelter dog might help. So he did just that. He went to the shelter where a black Lab named Reggie needed a home. But they didn’t hit it off right away.

The man gave it two weeks (the amount of time the shelter said it may take for the dog to adjust to his new home), but it just wasn’t working out. Maybe it was the fact he was also trying to adjust to a new situation. Maybe they were too much alike. But then the man started going through Reggie’s stuff, and that’s when he was reminded of a letter the previous owner had left with the dog. That’s what would end up changing their lives dramatically.

What an amazingly beautiful story. It’s all going to work out for Tank and his new owner. 🙂

You’ve read this far… you need to watch this short BEAUTIFUL video clip.. It will touch your HEART! Enjoy!

h/t Tickld


Reverse Sneezing In Dogs – What to do…

Does this sound familiar? Your dog suddenly starts making loud snorting sounds—over and over again, in quick succession. Do you start wondering, did they swallow something they shouldn’t have? Can they breathe?! Chances are, you’re experiencing the infamous “reverse sneeze.” Veterinarians often see dogs whose owners rushed them in for an emergency appointment after finding them standing with their elbows apart, head pulled back, and eyes bulging as they snort or gasp repeatedly. Yet for the vast majority of these dogs, a vet visit was unnecessary.

Reverse sneezing looks and sounds scary the first time you encounter it. However, it’s a fairly common and harmless respiratory event for dogs.

What is reverse sneezing?

A reverse sneeze is pretty much what it sounds like: a sneeze that happens in reverse! The above video is a good example of what it looks and sounds like.

In a regular sneeze, air is rapidly pushed out through the nose. In a reverse sneeze, air is rapidly, and noisily, pulled in through the nose. It occurs in spasms lasting anywhere from a few seconds up to a minute and sounds like snorting, snuffling, and even gagging. See the above video for an example.

Because of the sounds their dogs make while reverse sneezing, many people mistakenly think their dog is choking. However, a reverse sneeze is almost as normal and harmless as a regular sneeze.

What causes reverse sneezing?

There’s no single cause for a reverse sneeze. Like regular sneezing, it’s often triggered by an irritation or inflammation in the nose, throat, or sinuses. It often occurs when dogs wake up from a nap, or after eating, when their breathing pattern may have rapidly changed. It’s also caused by irritants in the airway—anything from dust to an inhaled hair!

Some dogs experience more frequent reverse sneezing in springtime when the air is full of pollen and other allergens. Others reverse sneeze more in the winter, when sudden temperature changes between outdoors and indoors cause the nasal passages to contract.

Another common cause of reverse sneezing is pressure on the throat and neck. A too-tight collar, or straining against the leash, can irritate the throat and lead to a reverse sneeze. That’s just one more reason to consider a harness for your dog.

Finally, some dogs reverse sneeze after exercise, or when they’re overexcited. This is particularly common among brachycephalic, or short-nosed, breeds like pugs and bulldogs. When they get worked up, they may inhale their elongated soft palates into the throat, triggering an episode of reverse sneezing.

How to end a reverse sneezing episode

Reverse sneezing is super-common, and it won’t hurt your dog. However, some dogs become anxious during a reverse sneezing episode, and a lengthy episode may be uncomfortable.

You can help your dog recover from a reverse sneezing episode by remaining calm yourself. If you get anxious, your dog’s anxiety will increase, too. So, stay calm, and show your dog there’s nothing to panic about.

If your dog is experiencing a particularly long episode of reverse sneezing, you may be able to ease or end the episode by:

  • Gently massaging your dog’s throat
  • Briefly covering their nostrils, which will cause them to swallow and potentially stop sneezing
  • Depressing their tongue with your hand to help open airways
  • Some vets suggest gently blowing in your dog’s face

In the vast majority of cases, there’s no need to intervene. Reverse sneezing doesn’t last long, and your dog will be perfectly normal after it stops.

When you should go to the vet:

As mentioned, reverse sneezing rarely requires veterinary treatment. As soon as the sneezing episode stops, the situation is resolved. However, if episodes increase in frequency or duration, you should call the vet just in case. You should also seek treatment if your dog’s reverse sneezing is accompanied by other respiratory symptoms or if they have any unusual discharge from their nose.Occasionally, chronic reverse sneezing can be a symptom of more serious issues. These include nasal mites, foreign objects in the airway, respiratory infections, and tracheal collapse. If you’re concerned about the intensity of your dog’s reverse sneezing, take a video to show the vet. They’ll be able to determine potential causes.Most dogs experience episodes of reverse sneezing at some point in their lives. For the vast majority of dogs, it’s a common, temporary, harmless reaction with no lasting aftereffects. Of course, it still sounds unsettling to our human ears! But now that you know what reverse sneezing is, you’ll be less likely to make an unnecessary vet visit.

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