We will never understand what goes through an animal abuser’s mind. Time and time again, we are left speechless– and in tears. For one man, who did the unthinkable, justice is thankfully being served.

Jimmy, the pup in our story, is truly a warrior. What he survived is miraculous. Maybe he understood he had so much to live for. His torturous fate was about to turn into a blissful life. He just had to hang on…

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Jimmy was found clinging to life by a sheriff’s deputy on a cold night in Jefferson County, Missouri. The deputy was patrolling the area when he saw the pup on the side of the road. Jimmy was shivering and starving, laying in a ditch.

Upon closer inspection, the deputy realized that Jimmy was also bound with tape to his paws and muzzle. Had the deputy not arrived at that time, Jimmy wouldn’t have survived for very long. His abuser made sure of that.

But now life for Jimmy was about to turn around.

The deputy rushed Jimmy to the Ivan Animal Hospital. The little fighter proved fierce! Jimmy had every intention of getting through his ordeal and proving to his abuser that he would never win.

Ivan Animal Hospital/Facebook

Then came a break in the case! “The deputy having that forethought to save that duct tape and took it back to the evidence lab and the techs worked on it for hours and they were able to slowly peel that duct tape apart and they found a fingerprint on the sticky side of it,” Grant Bissell, a spokesperson for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, told FOX 2 News.

The fingerprint led authorities to Paul Garcia. He has since been arrested and charged with animal cruelty. Authorities believe he bound Jimmy up and then threw him from his car and into the ditch. Garcia is currently in custody. His motive is unclear. He doesn’t even seem to be Jimmy’s owner. Authorities are working on putting the entire story together.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

For now, we are just happy that Jimmy survived and is persevering! “His prognosis looks very good,” Laura Ivan, the vet at Ivan’s Animal Hospital told Fox 2 News. “He has a little bit of a residual head tilt which basically implies that he is off-balance a little bit, which when they tilt their head they’re actually seeing straight ahead of us. But he’s been happy, he wags his tail a lot, he’s active, he’s eating.”

Ivan Animal Hospital/Facebook

We will keep you updated on Jimmy’s recovery and on Garcia’s trial. Check Jimmy, the warrior, out in the video below!