Two guys out on a boat for a leisurely day of fishing near Sydney, Australia, caught more than they could have imagined. As they cruised along the lake, a bubbling motion could be seen on the surface of the water.

Ivan Iskenderian and Michael Riggio took a look, and something completely unexpected popped its head up.

Source: YouTube

A Southern Right Whale poked its head up and asked the men for help. The sweet creature was caught in a plastic bag and fishing line, so he literally went and sought assistance from the men.

Ivan reached down and carefully grabbed at the fishing line. He gave it a tug and it pulled off the whale. In that moment, the whale was freed.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Iskenderian shared, “He came up to the boat a couple of times, putting his head out of the water. There were a plastic bag and fishing line sitting on the side of his mouth, and it seemed like he wanted it taken off. So I dropped my phone, reached over and just grabbed it.”

Source: YouTube

Whale expert, Geoff Ross, told the Herald that it is bizarre behavior for a wild animal of that size, but they are quite intelligent.

The entire episode was captured on video, as you will see below.