It’s been said many times that there’s no best friend more loyal than a dog. They will endure anything for their family, even five days in the snow. Sadly, that’s what happened to poor Carla after she was abandoned in the dead of winter by the very family she swore her loyalty to.




I can only imagine how Carla must have felt when her family never returned. Scared, confused, and surely losing trust in humans as the hours and days passed by, Carla waited. This is absolutely gut-wrenching to think about.


Thankfully, Carla was eventually spotted by residents of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania and was brought to safety while the Speranza Animal Rescue was contacted. The founder, Janine Guido, was heartbroken at the thought of all the suffering Carla endured. She immediately tried to rescue Carla but this would prove to be no easy task.



It took days to get Carla to trust anyone to come close to her. Janine was able to hand feed her, but then she would just run away. After a few days, someone spotted Carla on their porch and she was finally rescued by Janine.



Upon her evaluation, the vet determined that Carla was a Sheltie Mix and estimated to be around ten years old. She was also very underweight, had a flea infestation, minor frostbite on her paws and possible arthritis. Carla was given a nice bath, lots of food and then took a very long (and much needed) nap.



She was soon after assigned to a foster home. Once she’s ready, she will be placed for adoption. But for now, I’m just glad she survived those long and terrifying five days in the snow. No dog should ever be abandoned.



I’m sure this beautiful pup will find a family who will give her more love than she’s ever known.



If you ever see a homeless dog, please call for help. Your call could be the one to change or even save their life.

Watch the video below to see Carla’s ride to safety.