At five months old, all Ellen knew was the streets of Fresno, California.

She wandered the streets alone until a local shelter finally saw her and took her in. But Ellen was in such bad shape – she was weak, malnourished, covered in sores and wounds, and suffering from a bad case of mange, which caused her hair to fall out.

The shelter staff knew they needed as much help as possible to get her healthy. They contacted Shirley Zindler of the Dogwood Animal Rescue Project, who instantly agreed to take her in.

It seemed that Ellen had given up hope after all she had been through, but she had no idea that things were about to get much better for her.

Ellen was given antibiotics to treat her infections and daily medicated baths to help treat and soothe her mange and painful skin. She was already feeling so much better – both physically and mentally. She was given toys to play with and seemed to be in much better spirits.

She made friends with many new pups who she loved playing with.

Just two weeks after she was rescued, she is already looking like a whole new dog! Her fur is beginning to grow back and she’s absolutely beautiful! She had once given up hope, but with a little TLC, she is a completely different dog!

This story just goes to show how a little bit of love goes a long way!

The shelter has already gotten many applications from people who want to adopt her, so she will be in a forever home in no time!

Watch her rescue and incredible transformation in the video below: