She observed that the pup, now called Callie, had a string round her neck that had snapped off in her attempts to break free. Judy noticed the other part of the string in the same fence where she was waiting. Poor pup! She didn’t move from her spot hoping that someone familiar would come looking for her.


ADOPTEDRescued ! 911 URGENT need FOSTER ! Found at Echo Lake ( Ftw , Tx ) dumping site ! RIGHT NOW Its almost as if she was waiting for someone to save her :'( Need FOSTER & FUNDs ( Female , no chip ) Two bags with deceased animals found next to her ( photos in comment section )

Posted by The Abandoned Ones "Saving Animals in Danger" on Sunday, March 26, 2017


Relieved at being rescued from the decay, Callie gave Judy a very sweet kiss on the cheek! She was taken to the vet’s where she whined when touched and was found without a microchip. She seemed considerably healthy even after going through such a nightmare.



Callie is recovering well from her under-nourished state. She has developed a healthy appetite and seems to have emotionally recovered from the trauma of abandonment. Judy finds that dogs like Callie are always eager to forgive.



Within two days, Callie was smiling and up on her feet. Her past was behind her and she will soon be up for adoption. Let’s hope she gets the happy ending she deserves!

Click the video below to watch Callie’s heartwarming rescue!