Pets make our lives better in every possible way. Humans have always found solace in the gentle company of their pets, and pamper them with love and care and in return get their constant affections.


Source: The Dodo/YouTube


However, not every pet has the fortune of a loving and caring family. Some have to live in disgrace, as they suffer abuse and abandonment from the ugliest side of humanity. When the going gets too tough, these tender babies often turn into a sad and skittish mess.

This heartbreaking video was made as a tribute to such unloved, unheard and abused pets. The dogs in this video have been rescued from different levels of hell – one was found tied to a pole, another was rescued from a well, and so on. But now, their troubles are over!


Source: The Dodo/YouTube


As these dogs receive their first warm bath, the gloom hidden in their sad eyes hits us in the gut. They never knew the meaning of a loving touch, and when they finally receive the love they deserve, all the pain and hurt of abuse melt away, and they calmly take in the rejuvenating waters with the hope of a fresh, new life.

Click the video below to watch the precious faces of these abused pooches as they receive their first bath!