It is often said that when you adopt a dog, you end up saving each other. This is exactly what happened when PJ Regan adopted Pit Bull, Clove. Fate played a part in bringing these two lost souls together. PJ is a recovering addict and Clove was almost euthanized twice.

When he rescued the dog, he decided to get outdoors more to see a world both never experienced. Love at first sight didn’t exactly work for Clove. She refused to look at her new owner. So PJ did what any new parent would do: He took the dog for a walk!

Once she got outside, she discovered how good it was to run, jump, and explore. The trust began to build and what started as walking turned into serious hiking.

The two are quite the dynamic duo, from sledding to climbing mountains, and sharing plenty of beautiful quiet times together. Despite all the trials these two have been through, they are enjoying life to the fullest.

Watch this inspiring story of the bond of love between two special beings who found their happily ever after.