We are in love with commercials that use dogs to communicate their sentiments. So when we encountered this heart-touching Subaru ad showing the adorable bond between a Papa dog and his puppy, we just knew we had to share it with you!

Source: Subaru/YouTube

This commercial emphasizes on the importance of comfortably cozy car rides. As most parents have experienced, little kids often tend to fall asleep in the back seat of their cars. The cradling motion of the car and the calming drive creates a safe haven for the little ones as they happily doze off!

When we see Papa Barkley, the dog in this video, drive around on the empty roads at night, we instantly know that he is trying to help his puppy fall asleep. Papa Barkley looks adorably cute as he tries to keep an eye on his puppy in the rear view mirror. When the puppy finally sleeps, Papa Barkley is relieved and starts bringing his car into his driveway.

Source: Subaru/YouTube

However, the moment the car stops, the puppy wakes up again! Poor Papa Barkley has no other option but to get back on the road, and “cradle” his baby to sleep again. How relatable! Parenting is a full-time job, isn’t it? This is the sweetest ad we’ve seen in a long time!

Click the video below to watch Papa Barkley adorably driving the car around to get his puppy to fall asleep!