Aeida the black Staffy is one of the friendliest dogs in her neighborhood. When mom Nicole Ackehurst noticed her pooch’s inclination to socialize, she immediately introduced her to Cashew, her neighbor’s dog.

Aeida and Cashew became fast friends and began spending most of their time in each other’s company. Seeing their budding friendship, their parents decided to build a doggie door through the fence separating their yard.

Thanks to the doggie door, Aeida and Cashew were able to visit each other whenever they pleased. With her sunny personality, Aeida soon won the hearts of her neighbor’s kids and befriended them too. Nicole was used to the sight of Aeida, Cashew and the kids playing together in the yard!

One day, Nicole got worried as she was unable to find Aeida anywhere. Later, she discovered that her playful dog had used the doggie door to escape into the neighbor’s bathtub! Nicole’s jaw dropped further when she learned that Aeida was in fact enjoying a bath!

Apparently, Aeida had heard some commotion next door. She got anxious thinking Cashew and the kids were having fun without her. So she simply decided to follow them into the bathtub! While Aeida dislikes having baths, she didn’t seem to mind it in the company of her best friends. What a goofy cutie!

Click the video below to watch Aeida and Cashew making the best use of the doggie door!