Greek rescuer Ermioni Giannakou learned about a homeless dog facing extreme trauma on the streets of a small town named Karditsa. She traveled to rescue the dog, but was not ready for the painful sight that awaited her. The dog, named Agnes, had a huge tumor on her neck that was weighing her down, and she could barely even lift her head.


Source: Greek Animal Rescue/Facebook


Ermioni was further heartbroken when she heard that the locals have been disgustingly abusive with Agnes for the past 6 months. Ever since the locals saw the tumor growing, they began throwing sticks and firing shots at the 7-year-old Agnes to get rid of her. The dog begged them to help her several times, only to get violently shooed away.


Source: Greek Animal Rescue/Facebook


Agnes was understandably wary of Ermioni and the rescue team at first, but she eventually warmed up to them and let them take her to the hospital. The vets found that in addition to the 4-lb mass on her neck, Agnes had tumors on her breasts too. For the next 3 months, Agnes went through several excruciating surgeries until all her tumors were completely gone!


Source: Greek Animal Rescue/Facebook


When Agnes was fully healed, the coordinators at “Greek Animal Rescue” found her the perfect home in England. This brave dog is living the best life now with her loving family and playful doggie siblings! From the terrifying streets to a home with a big yard, Anges’ rescue has been nothing less than a fairy tale!

Click the video below to watch Agnes’ rescue from the hateful neighborhood and her remarkable recovery!

WARNING: The contents of this video may be disturbing to some viewers.