Alfredo’s owner abandoned him in a garbage dump in a small village outside of Athens, Greece. Sadly, this is far too common for dogs in Greece, and it’s nothing new to see dogs roaming the streets.

It’s unknown how long Alfredo was living in the dump, but things only got worse from there. While searching the streets for food, Alfredo became a victim of a hit-and-run car accident.

Unfortunately, the person who hit Alfredo never stopped to check on him, leaving him injured in the street.

Alfredo laid there for weeks in agonizing pain before rescuers finally found him and rushed him to a vet. He wound up having a broken spine, and his feet were wounded from dragging them behind him. He was also severely emaciated and covered in ticks. In addition, he was also missing half of one of his ears, for reasons unknown.

Alfredo was rescued in July 2015 and spent time in many different foster homes, but sadly, no one wanted to adopt him, through no fault of his own.

Due to his broken spine, Alfredo relies on a wheelchair to get around. Despite his disability, Alfredo loves to run around and play just like every other dog.

He’s such a sweet boy with lots of energy, but four years later, he is still looking for a forever home. He loves every person he meets, including all dogs and even cats. He’s very affectionate and loves cuddling and belly rubs.

Since Alfredo is in a wheelchair, he needs to get his diapers changed every few hours and bladder extracted at least two to three times a day, but it’s an easy process that he stays still for.

The rescue will help and teach anyone who is willing to adopt Alfredo how to properly care for him.

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