Angie Maurer’s sister parked her car at a Safeway store in Castro Valley, California when the nightmare began. A thief broke into the car and took her purse and her sister’s small dog.

The devastated dog mom and her family have been handing out flyers in the area and rotating shifts to look for the little dog named Rocky. He is a one-year-old Shih Tzu-Bichon mixed breed. Rocky is sick and requires medication, so Maurer is hopeful her baby will be found soon.

Source: KRON4

“Rocky was in the front seat next to her purse and the culprit, the person that broke the window was parked next to her, but backed in and within minutes, smashed the passenger front window, grabbed the purse and we’re assuming they grabbed rocky as well, because he was gone,” Maurer stated.

Maurer’s sister, Eileen, was watching the dog while she was away for Thanksgiving. Eileen feels terrible and she and her sister have not stopped looking since the theft occurred.

Source: KRON4

There have been sightings in the area, so Maurer is hopeful Rocky will be found. Anyone with information on Rocky’s whereabouts is asked to contact the family at (510) 299-9300 or (510) 673-2877.

More about Rocky and the theft can be seen in the video below.