One of the most dreadful phone calls workers at animal control receive is that of a dead dog. When that very call came into their offices, the team prepared to see the worst case scenario on arrival to the scene.

The call was that a dog and her litter of puppies was dead and that the team needed to come to pick them up.

Source: Rumble

What they discovered on arrival was a dog in a coma due to a severe head injury. Instead of merely telling her story, a beautiful video was created using soft music and cards with text on them.

As the video begins, the cards read, “My name is Hope. I had an owner who didn’t take care of me.”

Source: Rumble

When the dog got pregnant, she left to go get food and was hit by a car. Sadly, her owners assumed she was dead. Fate and the universe had other plans in store.

Watch this touching tale well told through text, as Momma Hope and her puppies appear in the background.