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That is why a story like this destroys us. A woman claiming to be an animal rescuer is, in fact, an accused con artist and animal abuser. At only 18 years old, Destiny Collins decided her best way to ‘help the world’ was to take in dogs who needed help and then mistreat them.

Source: FOX13

She then attempted to profit from their horrible conditions.

The Utah woman is under investigation for mistreating ‘rescue’ dogs. The mistreatment was so extreme that puppies were actually eaten alive. More than a dozen dogs live on her property and she calls the organization “Animal Haven.” But her home is anything but that!

Source: FOX13

One victim of Collins con is Melissa Meloney. Melissa placed a ‘failed service dog’ with Collins. In exchange to this, Collins gave her another dog who they felt could be successfully trained as a service dog.

But Melissa says that the dog she got in return was severely underweight and in poor health so she brought the dog back.

Melissa also said that Collins’ property was deplorable. It had ‘everything piled on top of everything, on top of poop, on top of pee, — a direct quote from Belle Lewis, a former friend of Collins.

Source: FOX13

Belle Lewis alerted local police to the conditions after being inside the house. Lewis also inquired about three puppies that were for sale and Collins admitted that three puppies were eaten alive by other dogs on the property (see Facebook messages below).

Lewis said “She’s trying to make money off of breeding. She tries to tell people that she trains service dogs, but the service dogs that she’s training aren’t trained at all. They know basically no commands. They bite people.”

Source: FOX13

When FOX13 was invited into Collins’ yard, a pack of dogs ran around, destroying a dirty couch. Dogs were biting each other, as well as Collins. The yard was covered in dog feces. There was dog food but the water tub looked filthy.

Belle Lewis also says she has Facebook messages from Collins admitting that full litters of puppies have died of disease and one litter was eaten alive by another starving dog.

Since posting the photos and info to Facebook, Collins claims she’s being harassed online.

According to FOX13, “Collins says all accusations are lies and that her dogs are healthy, trained and well-fed.” Collins also claims that the dogs are sick and skinny because they’re recovering from being in abusive homes.

The puppies, Collins claims, are accidental but she did admit that she has bred dogs in her care every few years and sold them. She also insists that no puppy has ever been killed on her property.

Source: FOX13

Still, several months later since the story surfaced, no charges have been filed. This is absurd!

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