An animal rescue group in Lexington, Kentucky has taken in a dog that was abused so badly they call it the worst case they’ve ever seen. The rescue group had more than their fair share of abuse cases in recent times, as they saved a dog and kitten suffering from extreme burns in that same week.

Rescuers from Paws 4 the Cause believe someone intentionally caused harm to the animals now in their care.

Source: WTVQ

“The injuries seem to be some sort of caustic material that has been poured on the dog,” rescue coordinator for the group, Anita Spreitzer, stated.

The first dog brought in, Cider, suffers from chemical burns so severe that her skin was being eaten away. She has been receiving laser treatments to repair the skin. She also had maggots eating the flesh on her weakened body.

Source: WTVQ

Cinder has a hard time walking, and Spritzer says it’s the worst case she has seen in 30 years of rescue. The kitten brought in had scalding water thrown on it. Spritzer says things cannot go on like this and people can’t be allowed to do these sort of things to animals.

“Dogs that have been shot by guns, dogs that have been hit by cars on purpose and lost limbs,” Spreitzer reported.

Source: WTVQ

Cinder’s care will be over $1,500, and the non-profit group already has a lot of outstanding veterinary bills. More about the animals in this story can be found in the video below.