A unique daycare facility for dogs has been gaining popularity among many dog-parents. Rather than leaving their dogs caged-up in a shelter during the day, parents can now ask for the services of a “doggie school bus” that takes their dogs on a joyride!


Source: ViralHog/YouTube


In this video, we see the dogs’ adorable reactions when they realize that the doggie school bus is here to pick them up. First, we see two dogs who are idly napping away. When their mama tells them that the doggie school bus is here, they leap in excitement and run outside to meet their playmates on the bus!

We see another dog who is equally excited to hear the honking of the doggie school bus. He flashes a big smile and bids his dad goodbye for the day. Then he sprints to the bus and awaits a day filled with fun in the park with the other dogs!


Source: ViralHog/YouTube


These happy dogs reminded us of the enterprising Oregon man named Arat Montoya who quit his lucrative family business to spend his days in the proximity of dogs as another doggie school bus driver. He loves every second of his job and is as excited as these dogs to be on the doggie bus. What a cool bunch of happy campers!

Click the video below to watch the adorable reaction of these dogs as they know it’s their time for a ride on the doggie school bus!