Animal advocates are celebrating a victory in Arizona, after an animal abuser recently found guilty was charged with a class 5 felony instead of a typical class 6 felony. This is a very important step against animal abuse and cruelty because offenders can be punished with more than a year in prison. The first case to be marked with a class 5 felony is that of 21-year-old Netzer Alexander Villagomez.

A few years ago, Villagomez was arrested by Phoenix Police after he allegedly hung his service dog twice by his collar and leash. He was expelled from Grand Canyon University as a result of his actions, and video proof of the incident was sent to his girlfriend, according to The case was investigated, and the dog was found, taken for examination, and found to have several injuries.

Miso is the Pug who was the victim of abuse. He suffered two broken ribs, a fractured pelvis, a broken tooth, and irregularities in his blood panel consistent with the injuries. According to a Facebook update by the Arizona Humane Society, “Eighteen months after Miso, the pug, was found battered and bruised, AHS is grateful to report that the man responsible for Miso’s injuries is heading to jail after being found guilty of Class 5 Felony Animal Cruelty.”

Source: Arizona Humane Society/Facebook

We are thrilled that laws are being made tougher for those who so callously harm innocent animals.

H/T: AZCentral, Arizona Humane Society/Facebook, AZFamily