A dog, now named Arty, lived as a stray on the streets of Afghanistan, among the hundreds of other dogs suffering with the same bleak fate.

Arty often visited a U.S. Army camp in the area and quickly became a favorite among the soldiers there. The relationship that Arty shared with the soldiers was very beneficial to both parties; Arty provided them with comfort and happiness, while the soldiers feed Arty and took care of him.

When it was time for the soldiers to return to the United States, they worried about Arty and what would happen to him. They didn’t want to leave him behind. That’s when a warrant officer named Eric knew they had to find a way to take Arty back with them.

He contacted Nowzad, a group in Kabul that helps send stray dogs and cats in war zones to the United States. While this is very expensive, the soldiers still didn’t give up.

Eric’s sister, Teresa Ridenhour, set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help get Arty back to the U.S. They quickly reached halfway to their goal, and then Purina Dog Chow generously donated the remaining $2,000.

Thanks to Eric and all of the kind-hearted donors, Arty was able to make his way to America where he now lives with Ridenhour in Austin, Texas. Eric is still on his deployment, but we know once he returns home, his reunion with Arty will be a heartwarming one!

In the meantime, Arty is getting spoiled with treats and love and enjoys running around and playing in his new backyard. His life in America will be way different than the one he’s lived in Afghanistan, and he is finally getting everything he deserves.

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