Couple Ash O’Brien and Jarret Kelley’s recent visit to the Rhodes Dog Park in San Diego went disturbingly awry when an elderly woman called them out for “not following social distancing norms”. The couple says they were having their lunch with their puppy in an isolated corner in the park, but the woman barged in out of nowhere and began hurling abuses at them.


Source: Ash Sherilynn O’Brien/Daily Mail


In this video recorded by Ash, we hear her crying hysterically as the yelling woman calls the couple “idiots” for not wearing face masks in a public place, while also flipping them off. When Jarret peacefully intervenes to reason with her, the woman violently attacks his face with her pepper spray. The couple’s puppy and the woman’s own dog barely escape as the woman keeps using the pepper spray on Jarret.

Jarret was temporarily blinded after the incident and had to go to the hospital to receive emergency treatment. The couple is in a state of shock after this ugly assault. They claim that they took their masks off only because they were about to eat, and that they had ensured there was no other person around them.


Source: Ash Sherilynn O’Brien/Daily Mail


However, the couple later learned that there was a park ordinance prohibiting food in the premises. The duo clarified that they had no idea about this rule, and also emphasized that they did not deserve to be assaulted in public for not wearing a mask.


Source: Ash Sherilynn O’Brien/Daily Mail


Ash has been particularly distressed after this incident and she just wants justice for her husband. She has filed a misdemeanor battery report with the local police department, and hopes that the yet-to-be-identified woman faces the consequences of her insensitive and abusive actions.

Click the video below to watch the footage of the woman verbally and physically assaulting the couple for not wearing a face mask.

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