Imagine being separated from your mother, your heart is shattered and you have no idea if you’ll ever be reunited. That’s exactly what happened to Colonel Sanders, a sweet baby donkey. He was separated from his mom and placed at the Speranza Animal Rescue with Janine Guido.

The baby donkey’s mom, Mary Poppins, was taken in by a different rescue group. Apparently, they were in the care of an anonymous benefactor who had no idea how to care for the duo.

Source: YouTube

Although safe in a new environment, Colonel Sanders would cry out and bellow. He missed his mama and became depressed. The baby donkey was about to be surprised.

Guido got a call that Mary Poppins was never picked up by the rescue, so she decided to take the mama donkey, too! As soon as the duo saw each other once again, they let out donkey sounds and got so excited!

Source: YouTube

They stay near each other and even put their snouts in the same buckets to eat. The once sad baby donkey has become a happy, mischevious boy.

We love a happy ending, and you will also when you watch the video below. All the feels, folks!