Baby Emu Loses It When The Dog Walks In The Room For The First Time

You just never know where and when a friendship will form. In this case, a smart pet parent captured the exact moment when her dog and emu became BFFs. Emee the emu lives at home with her mom, Sue Holmes, and the family dog, Molly.

Source: Rumble

Emee was just having a casual day walking about the house when suddenly, in struts Molly. What starts as a nonchalant encounter turns into hijinks galore between the two.

Molly pretends to just ignore Emee, but then all bets are off. They start running around, circling the room, and having the time of their lives.

Source: Rumble

The emu even rolls to the floor and Molly reciprocates by leaving the room. But then the dog changes her mind and gets a case of the zoomies.

It seems the dog was the most apprehensive, but when she saw how much fun the emu was, it turned into a fun time.

Source: Rumble

Here’s a dose of animal comedy at its finest in the video of Molly meets Emee. Enjoy!

Source: Playful Baby Emu Chases Family Dog Around The House by Storyful