Baby Girl waited and waited and one year turned into three, which turned into seven. The mixed-breed dog waited at the Winnie Berry Humane Society in Angelina County, Texas, to be adopted for seven long years. The executive director of the shelter shared Baby Girl’s photos and story several times on social media, hoping someone would see her pictures and adopt her.

The latest posts to social media worked, as Baby Girl caught the eye of the Deaton family, who just knew they had to have her.

“Just looking into her eyes, I couldn’t understand why she had been there for so long. Just by looking at her, I sort of knew that she would fit with the family. She just had part of it,” Monica Deaton, Baby Girl’s new owner stated.

So far, so good, as Baby Girl is adjusting well and loves her new home. She curled up next to Monica’s husband, Mark, the first night she came home. It probably felt so amazing to be sleeping on a bed and not locked behind kennel doors. According to the shelter, most dogs stay about six months on average before being adopted out. The shelter said Baby Girl was their longest resident so far.

“I hope that her new family gives us updates and comes to visit us. With me working here for three years, I sort of grew attached being with them every day, so we fall in love easily. I just hope that they keep in touch with us,” said Elizabeth Burns, the shelter’s supervisor.

H/T: Valley News Live