Is there anything cuter than watching baby goats play together? Yes, there sure is. How about a tribe of baby goats climbing all over their best friend?! When that best friend happens to be a very patient horse, you’ve got the makings of a comical video that will completely brighten your day.

Source: YouTube

When a farmer looked out on his pasture and saw his horse, Mr. G, lying down, he had to take a closer peek. On further inspection, he discovered three baby goats having the time of their lives with the horse.

The quiet horse didn’t seem to mind, as the goats were prancing, dancing, crawling, and climbing all over him!

One of the baby goats tried to climb up on the horse’s back and after several attempts, he succeeded in his mission.

Source: YouTube

Maybe it felt like a goat massage for the horse or maybe he was just allowing his farm pals to enjoy some fun times. This is one of those videos you watch over and over. When you press play below, you’ll soon see why.