Snow leopards are beautiful wild animals known for their stealthy ways and hunting skills. They are able to hunt down their prey and pounce on them at a moment’s notice. If you blink, you might even miss how fast they are in motion.

Source: YouTube

A video of a snow leopard baby cub is making its rounds online with good reason. The little cub is practicing his hunting skills and trying to sneak up on his mama.

With each step the baby makes, he gets closer and closer to his mom. As baby gets closer, the mom decides she is going to make some moves of her own.

Source: YouTube

Out of nowhere, the adult snow leopard pounces super high into the air not once but twice! Zoo onlookers can be heard gasping in surprise.

You must watch this incredible moment as if the mom is trying to teach her baby cub the art of hunting. Press play for fun below.