A home surveillance camera is being credited with capturing footage of a terrible man shooting a neighbor’s dog over and over with a pellet gun. The incident was reported to authorities in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but the family of the injured, terrorized dog is being told the case cannot move forward. Frustrated, the family doesn’t know what options they have to prevent their neighbor from continuing his abuse of their dog.

Source: KRQE

“I was helping my in-law move and then I got a call from my wife saying that the neighbor shot the dog because she heard the dog crying so she reviewed the camera and saw that he shot the dog,” said the dog’s owner, Javier Baca. “I called him and he said it wasn’t him, it was some kids throwing stuff in our yard, so I said, ‘we have you on video.’”

Baca reviewed six months’ of video footage and allegedly saw his neighbor walk along a cement wall next door with a gun. Baca felt lumps on his dog’s body over the months and he had no idea what was going on. Baca took the dog to the vet, where the animal was x-rayed and found to have nine pellets lodged in his body. Baca’s kids are now afraid to go into their backyard because of the neighbor’s abuse.

Source: KRQE

“We have videos of him just casing the yard with the gun and just standing there waiting,” stated Baca. “He says it was because of the barking, but he’s a dog…he barks.”

Baca reported the incident to Animal Services and no one helped. He then called 3-1-1 and reported the incident. The man was identified as David Wiegand, who on a local school board and owns a construction company. The school district took to social media and posted, “Menaul School learned about the incidents with board member, David Weigand, Monday evening through media reports. As of Tuesday morning, Mr. Weigand has resigned from our volunteer board of trustees. Because of an ongoing external investigation, Menaul School cannot comment further.”

Source: KRQE

As of this writing, a media source says the case is stalled and no one knows if or when Weigand will face animal cruelty charges. Warning: The video below contains disturbing footage of the dog being shot with a pellet gun, but we want our readers to have access to this situation.