The bond a person can form with a beloved pet is unlike one you’ll find anywhere else. It’s filled with unconditional love and is without judgment.

So when that companion is stolen away cruelly, it’s heartbreaking.

A Texas man by the name of Joe Bailey experienced misery of the cruelest kind when BG, his Shih Tzu, was taken from him.

Source: KENS 5

On March 26th, Joe returned from the gym to find his home wrecked – and even worse – covered in his dog’s blood.

Source: KENS 5

He initially thought that perhaps a burglar tore apart the house in search of valuables and simply took the dog with them after a scuffle.

Source: KENS 5

So, the next day Joe and his friend searched the property with a drone, trying to find any evidence.

Instead of tire tracks or missing items, they discovered BG. The poor pup was stabbed to death and crudely buried under tree branches on a neighbor’s property.

Source: KENS 5

This dog owner was in despair and without hope, but he did find a piece of evidence near his dog’s body: a pair of women’s sandals.

The Bandera County Sheriff’s Office deputies began an investigation that ended in a shocking realization. On the same day BG was killed, officers had questioned his ex-wife, Heidi Nichole Carpenter, after finding her crossing a highway.

She wasn’t wearing any shoes.

Source: KENS 5

The authorities have issued a warrant for her arrest and are currently searching for her.

Losing a dog is heartbreaking enough as it is, but to know the person responsible for his death was once a close family member? It would be difficult to bear.

Hopefully, Joe Bailey will find solace — and his ex-wife.