When a three-and-a-half-year-old Beagle mix named Banjo was stuck in a shelter for years…it seemed he had given up all hope. Since November 2016, the sweet baby had been living in the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society.

He was brought in when he was only just a few months old — and is now the shelter’s longest resident. But the GM Humane Society refuses to give up on Banjo and wanted to do whatever it took to find him a loving forever home.

Source: WTKR

The shelter recently shared a Facebook post with information about Banjo so that potential adopters could learn more about him — and the Internet is falling in love with the sweet pup who just has had a little trouble finding his family:

“He arrived at GMHS nearly three years ago and was completely un-socialized with people. In his time with us, he has grown so much and made friends with several staff members and volunteers.

That said, he is still most comfortable, and finds joy in, playing with other dogs and running around outdoors.

We would love to find Banjo a home with other dogs to play with and learn from. He would appreciate a fenced yard, so he could run while still being safe and secure. He and the other dogs in his potential adoptive home would also need to get along. (We do meet and greets for current dogs of potential adopters and their prospective adoptive dog to ensure the match is a best fit for everyone. They are individuals, after all!)

Banjo will require a quiet home with patient family who is willing to slowly earn his trust and watch him blossom slowly. He promises to entertain you with his playful nature and free spirit!”

The reason for Banjo’s lack of luck is his shy personality. Instead of running to greet visitors, he stays at the back corner of his cage with a worried look on his face. The classic Beagle eyebrows show his intelligence — but also his anxieties.

“He has such a sweet little spirit, but unfortunately because of his fearful past, he doesn’t show as well as other dogs might,” said April Martinez via WTKR, Executive Director of the Gloucester-Mathews Humane Society.

The staff at the shelter have been working with Banjo for years, attempting to help him become better with people. They even put him through a behavioral program and obedience training to make him a more appealing potential pet.

He was brought in as a feral pup, so life in the shelter around people is frightening to Banjo. However, when he goes outside, though, everything changes.

Outside, his personality shines as he runs through the grass and woods! He happily explores with a smile on his face and his tongue hanging out. Banjo simply needs to feel comfortable and free outside to be happy in his forever home.

Since Banjo doesn’t make great first impressions while in his cage inside the shelter, people don’t realize his true personality is so happy and sweet. That’s why the Humane Society took to the Internet to get Banjo’s story out — their long-time resident deserved a loving home and they wanted to make sure he got one!

And then, like magic, it all came together for Banjo. Because of his Internet fame, hardworking shelter staff, and Banjo’s squishy, lovable face, he found his family. According to a post on Facebook:

“Our thanks to everyone who shared Banjo’s story and shared well wishes for his #adoptionsuccess, including our life-saving partners Allison Mechanic and WTKR News 3.

You’ll be excited to learn we believe we have found Banjo’s forever home and are working to introduce and transition him to his new family!

Saving lives takes a collective effort, the #gmhumanesociety team extends our thanks for your help and commitment to making a difference in the lives of homeless pets!”

Every dog deserves a loving home and it’s wonderful to see Banjo find his after so many years of anxieties, loneliness, and shelter life. Congratulations, Banjo!