Baraka the blind Rhino’s past is not one he would like to remember.

For 15 years, he lived independently in the wild, but was often bullied. Sadly, one of his eyes were poked out in a fight with another rhino, and then he became completely blind when he lost vision in his other eye due to a cataract.

While one can imagine how difficult it would be for a blind Rhino to adjust to life in the wild, Baraka didn’t have to. Caretakers at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya took Baraka in and gave him a safe space of 100 acres, where he could roam freely without having to worry about being bullied anymore or eventually killed.

But Baraka isn’t completely alone at the sanctuary. Aside from the kind humans who care for him, he also receives visits from antelope and giraffes at the conservancy who are very friendly and gentle with him.

Baraka receives so much TLC from caretakers and is very spoiled. He loves eating snacks like alfalfa and branches, and enjoys taking daytime naps. But his favorite activity of all is rolling around in the mud after it rains!

Baraka means “blessing” in Swahili, and that’s exactly what Baraka has been – a true blessing!

Baraka is an advocate for his species, as rhinos are becoming critically endangered.

“In order to help them in the future, we have to educate our young youth so that our future coming generation will be able to see this animal,” Robert, one of Baraka’s caretakers, told USA Today.

To learn more about Baraka’s story and see him in his new home, watch the video below: