Dogs are getting smarter. These days, so many pups think that every box that gets delivered is for them. You can’t blame the poor doggos, though: most of the time, the boxes ARE for them! One Beagle in particular has social media smiling from ear to ear at his box delivery reaction.

His dad is heard off camera saying, “What’s inside the box?” Like a true Beagle, his nose does the work. He is sniffing and trying to pry into the box with his adorable snout.

You can only guess what happens next. He gets a whiff of the yummies inside the box, which include bacon. The doggo goes into hyper overdrive and gets so overwhelmed with joy, that he simply sits and shakes.

He follows his fancy shake move with some back and forth tongue moves. He is clearly salivating for that box of bacon yumminess.

Source: Facebook/America’s Funniest Video

A bacon begging Beagle is just what the Internet needs to cast their worries aside and smile instead. Check out the fun in this video below.