Millions of dogs are stolen every year, leaving behind a trail of tears and brokenhearted pet owners. Although dognapping isn’t something any dog mom or dog dad wants to think about it, it’s important to be aware so your dog doesn’t become a statistic.

One recent case of dog theft involves 36-year-old Karen Marie Beane of Asheboro, North Carolina. Beane went on a crime spree that involved stealing a man’s Pit Bull.

Source: Randolph County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Randolph County Sheriff’s Office says Beane entered a residence without permission. When they showed up to investigate, Beane was walking down the middle of the road.

Authorities simultaneously received a call about a woman matching Beane’s description. The caller said a woman came to his house with a Pit Bull that he owned. He had reported the dog missing earlier in the week and called to say the woman brought the dog back and continued walking along the roadway.

Source: Itumeleng Moeketse/Unsplash

Thankfully, police apprehended Beane and booked her with a long list of charges including felony larceny of a dog, misdemeanor first-degree trespass enter/remain, misdemeanor breaking or entering, misdemeanor possession of stolen goods/property, and misdemeanor injury to personal property.

Always keep a close eye on your dogs so they don’t become victims of dognapping.