For years, a now 14-year-old girl tried to report alleged abuse at the hands of a man named Damon Becnel. For years, no one believed her. Things changed recently when the girl installed hidden cameras to prove the abuse against herself and her dogs.

The mother of the victim spoke to local media in Okaloosa County, Florida, and revealed she turned video of the abuse over to the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. The video has also gone viral across social media.

Source: 3 WEAR TV

The video, which is posted below, shows Becnel scream, point, and then headbutt the girl. He also yells at her dogs and threatens to kill them after hitting them. An object held close to one of the dog’s necks is later discovered to be a knife.

“I’m going to kill the dog,” says Becnel says. The female responds, “Stop, please stop.”

Source: 3 WEAR TV

Becnel is a well-known business owner in the area with his business listed as ABEC Resorts in Destin, Florida. Thousands of people joined a private Facebook group seeking justice for the girl and her pets.

As of this writing, Becnel was arrested but is out of jail on a $4,000 bond.

Source: Alexis Fauvet/Unsplash

The teenager’s mother, who does not have custody of her, reports the girl and her pets are living with Becnel’s best friend. The Department of Child Services’ safety plan, according to the mother, allowed Becnel to determine who would care for her while he was jailed. Her mother plans to fight for this to be changed.

The complete video of the abuse can be seen below, but please be warned the footage is disturbing, and the child’s identity is not revealed.

Feature Photos: Alexis Fauvet/Unsplash and Rachel Henning/Unsplash