After working hard in a job, there comes a time in life when retirement happens. The same holds true in the canine world, and one very special dog is about to say goodbye to her longtime career.

Bela the explosion detection dog has served with the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) since 2014 and is still a bundle of energy.

Source: King5 News

Her handler, Tim, spoke with the media at her retirement, stating, “My wife works from home and she says she’s going to spoil her to death.”

There are over 900 teams deployed across the United States who work as canine-handler teams. They deter and detect explosives in airports and transportation systems and undergo rigorous training in order to be ready for the job.

Bela will now be a family dog.

Source: King5 News

Tim shared, “My wife is picking out outfits for her, which I’m really not sure what that means.”

The folks at Sea-Tac Airport in Seattle are certainly going to miss Bela’s skills and personality. Happy retirement!