The reunions of military members and their families are the stuff tears and hugs are made of, especially on social media. When 27-year-old Gabriel Carlos returned home after a 9-month military deployment, no one was happier to see or “sniff” him than his dog, Benny.

Carlos’ wife, Charette, told Good Morning America that this was her husband’s first deployment, so it was hard on everyone.

“Benny has been so close to my husband since we got him. He really looks to Gabriel as his best friend,” she shared.

The animal was a wedding gift two years prior, and since that time the family has moved several times because of Carlos’ military work.

Source: Good Morning America/YouTube

Since his wife picked him up at the airport, Carlos would get his next reunion once he entered his house. Benny smelled Carlos before he even saw him.

The pooch got super excited, jumped all over the place, wagged furiously, and welcomed his dad home where he belongs. Thankfully, Charette filmed the whole thing, which is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Source: Good Morning America/YouTube

Watch the adorable welcome home video below.