Former United States Vice President is a hero again. Biden and his wife, Jill, are making headlines for adopting a rescue dog named Major. There’s one thing that the Internet can’t get enough of besides Biden’s kind heart — the fact that the dog looks like Joe! Well, some say he does.

Source: Facebook/Delaware Humane Association

The dog was adopted from the Delaware Humane Association this past Saturday, thus making it official. Biden was fostering the pooch, and the former VP can add “foster failure” to his growing list of titles.

Source: Facebook/Delaware Humane Association

Apparently, Major and his siblings came to the rescue after they got into something toxic at home. Thankfully, the owner surrendered them in time. Biden made it official, signed the papers, and then the Internet lit up like a Christmas tree.

Once the photos of V.P. Biden and Major got out, the Internet exploded. Not just because of Biden’s kind heart but because people claim to see a resemblance between the former veep and the dog!

Source: Twitter/Franklin Leonard


Source: Reddit

Do you think Biden’s new dog looks like him? We wonder if the dog will meet former President Obama and start hobnobbing with the rich and famous?

Source: Facebook/Delaware Humane Association

Biden is a true hero to support his local animal shelter, and we wish the former VP and his new pooch all the best!

Check out Delaware Humane Association’s video of Major’s adoption below 🙂