Bret Winingar and his son, Zach, were out riding their motorcycles, enjoying the nice day when something in a field caught their eyes. They pulled over immediately to investigate, and they couldn’t believe what they found inside. Little did they know it would change their lives forever.

The two bikers spotted the animal carrier and knew they had to check it out.

The top of the crate looked chewed up as if something had been trying to escape.

When they opened it up, their hearts ached to see a starving dog inside. The dog stepped out but was hunched over from being locked inside of the tiny crate for so long.

They quickly went and grabbed some food to feed the poor thing. She gobbled it up as fast as she could.

Bret and Zach returned in a truck this time so that they could take the dog with them.

When they placed her in the truck, the dog showed her appreciation for being saved. šŸ™‚

Their first order of business: give the sweet girl a bath.

They named her Charlie Bravo, or “CB” for short.

Next, they took her to the vet. CB’s nails had grown so long, they grew backward into her paws.

The dog also had many sores on her body that would need to be taken care of. Vets estimated her at about eight months old, but no one could know for sure how long she was trapped in the carrier.

Judging by the length of her nails and the fact that her white paws were now black with filth, they figured she’d been in the crate for a long time.

Bret had only planned on fostering CB, but then he realized he couldn’t part with her as she regained her health.

CB was pretty happy about that! šŸ™‚

She’s now safe in a forever home with loving people!

A Facebook page was made detailing the dog’s journey, and donations poured in to help with her medical bills.

The generous donations exceeded the cost of the bills, so the family donated the rest to local animal shelters!

The Winingar family now has four rescue dogs living with them, and they plan on starting their own rescue foundation.

They decided to name it “Charlie’s Angels.”

What a happy ending and an amazing thing that came out of Charlie Bravo’s rescue! Be sure to check out her Facebook page for more. šŸ™‚